• Familiar flavors in a friendly town



    Thank you to all the wonderful friends and family who have helped us get to this point.


    Thank you to our contractors (Joel Pfeffer and crew, Canton Heating and Cooling, Huntington Electric) for letting the granary building shine.


    And to

    Josh Reed of Goat Ridge Brewing (New London, MN)

    Jacob Schnabel of Spilled Grain Brewhouse (Annandale, MN)

    for your advice and for opening your breweries to us...thank you!!


    And to the always helpful Rochester brewers

    Brandon Schulz of LTS Brewing Company

    Donovan Seitz of Kinney Creek Brewery

    Adam Frederickson of Thesis Beer Project

    Dawn and Steve Finnie of Little Thistle Brewing Company




    Cheryl and Rick Lamon

    For parting with the granary and supporting us in our dream.


    Nicole and Karl Unnasch
    For crafting the bar top, tables, and logo...and your friendship and a myriad-plethora-gaggle of other things.


    Sandy Seha and Eric Luoma

    For showing us the way with Karst Brewing.....and everything you've done for us!!!


    Autumn Johnson

    For sharing the dream and being there when we needed you most.


    Finally, thank you to the folks of Lanesboro whose encouragement and support helped us through. We are excited to be a part of the community, and we hope to make you proud.

  • Hours

    -- subject to change as we figure out what works --


    Friday 3-10 pm

    Saturday 12-10 pm

    Sunday 12-5 pm

    Monday 3-8 pm

  • Contact Us

    100 Beacon St W, Lanesboro, MN 55949

    507-467-HOPS (4677)


  • Beers

    Bringing you comfortable and tasty flavors

    Lanesbrew Lager

    Unfiltered American Lager

    Round Bale Pub Ale

    Pub Ale / English Bitter

    Willow Wheat


    Fiddlehead Porter


    Daisy Hazy IPA

    NEIPA / Hazy IPA

    Sweetbender IPA


    Gnarly Old Ale

    Old Ale

    -- Coming Soon --

  • About Us

    Founded in 2020 by Karen and Andy Heimdahl, Sylvan Brewing is Lanesboro's first brewery in over 100 years.


    Sylvan Brewing provides a welcoming environment for enjoying high-quality brews comprised of comfortable and familiar flavors.