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    Comfy, Crafty, and a little bit Crazy...





















    Thursdays 2-8pm

    Fridays 12-10pm

    Jokes on Tap (comedy open mic) 8pm last Friday of each month

    Saturdays 12-10pm

    Sundays 12-7pm

    Summer Sundays Live Music 4-6pm on patio

    Mondays 2-8pm

    closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays

















  • Beers on Tap

    (subject to availability)

    Serving you tasty flavors in three Sylvan beer categories:

    Comfy, Crafty, and Crazy

    Comfy beers are the easier-drinkers, usually with a lower ABV

    Crafty beers are more robust in flavor and ABV but still familiar to most

    Crazy beers are outside the norm and allow us to let loose a little

    Oktoberfest - 9/23 release!


    5.5% ABV, 14 IBU

    Sylvan category: Comfy


    American Lager

    5.1% ABV, 17 IBU

    Sylvan category: Comfy


    Citrus Wheat Ale

    5.1% ABV, 16 IBU

    Sylvan category: Comfy


    Light Brown Ale

    5.5% ABV, 20 IBU

    Sylvan category: Comfy


    Old Ale

    7.1% ABV, 21 IBU

    Sylvan category: Crafty



    5.9% ABV, 29 IBU

    Sylvan category: Crafty


    Midwest IPA

    6.5% ABV, 58 IBU

    Sylvan category: Crafty


    Hazy / New England IPA

    5.9% ABV, 38 IBU

    Sylvan category: Crafty

    Sylvan Amaretto Sour

    Berliner Weisse: Amaretto Sour

    3.9% ABV, 4 IBU

    Sylvan category: Crazy

    Cran-Orange Sour

    Berliner Weiss: Cranberry-Orange

    3.9% ABV, 4 IBU

    Sylvan category: Crazy


    Berliner Weisse: Margarita

    3.9% ABV, 4 IBU

    Sylvan category: Crazy

  • Beer to Go

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    We're happy to announce that we are doing off sale again for growlers (64 oz) and howlers (32 oz)! As always, there may be circumstances where we limit or restrict fills on certain beers.


    We'll fill your clean regulation container, or purchase one of ours: amber glass growlers ($6) or howlers ($5), or a gorgeous vacuum-sealed stainless steel option ($50) that will keep your brew cold up to 24 hours or a hot beverage warm up to 12 hours. Fills range from $20-25 depending on the beer. These also make great gifts!


    Call us during open hours to ensure we can sell the beer you want to take home: 507-467-HOPS (4677).


    How to care for your beer and container:

    • Keep your filled growler or howler out of heat and direct sunlight. Refrigerate it as soon as possible to ensure the quality of the beer. Unopened, the beer is at its best when the growler is opened within 3 days. After opening, you'll want to consume it within hours to a day.

    • Always thoroughly rinse the growler with warm water as soon as it's empty. Toss the old cap and allow the growler to air dry.

  • Updates

    Check out our latest events & updates via social media!

  • Contact Us

    100 Beacon St W | PO Box 194
    Lanesboro, MN 55949

    507-467-HOPS (4677)


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    About Us

    Comfy, Crafty, and a little bit Crazy - we've got beer for all tastes! Our taproom and brewery is on the north edge of historic downtown Lanesboro, a picturesque town nestled along the Root River in the heart of southeastern Minnesota's beautiful bluff country. Founded in 2020 by Karen and Andy Heimdahl, Sylvan Brewing is located in the former wood-stacked granary and is Lanesboro’s first brewery in over 100 years! We welcome you with delicious beer and friendly service in our inviting and unique setting.


    Our patio is open year-round and in the winter has heaters and a fire pit for those chilly days. Dogs are welcome on the patio.